GBWhatsApp v9.95 APK [January 2024] Latest Anti-Ban Version

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App Info

Name GBWhatsApp
ID com.whatsapp
Category Communication
Size 76M
Version 9.95
Publisher Fouad Mods
MOD Features Anti-Ban
Requires android Android 4.4 and up expand_more
android Android 4.4 and up
Rating Score
Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by MODPAPA
check_circle Official file from Google Play
check_circle No malware & malicious ads
check_circle Positive feedback from the community

Hey guys, if you are here, then it’s sure that you heard about GBWhatsApp from a friend or anywhere else. So, you want to download it for your Android smartphone. To Download GBWhatsApp APK, you have visited the right place. Here, you can get the most updated version so easily, as compared to the other older websites. So, stay with this until the end.

What is GBWhatsApp APK?


GBWhatsApp or simply known as GBWA is a modded version of the official WhatsApp. It is a modded or modified version of the WhatsApp Social Media Communication app with hundreds of unique features. These remarkable features are not just available on WhatsApp but these features will never release in the near future in the original app. This is the reason why people love it!

Comparing Original VS GBWhatsApp APK

FeaturesGBWhatsApp APKWhatsApp
Characters in Status255 char140 Char
File Sharing100 Files30 Files
Media Sharing50 MB15 MB
Hide Double TickYesNo
UI CustomizationYesNo
Copy StatusYesNo
New UpdatesYesYes
GBWA VS WhatsApp

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Explained Features

Amazing Privacy Controls:

  • Turn Off Online Status
  • Double Tick Off
  • Bluetick Off
  • Messages Scheduling Support Available

Disable Online Status: Hey, you can disable the online status (Active) on your profile even if you are online. This feature is only available in this WhatsApp Mod.

Gbwhatsapp Apk By 1
Gbwhatsapp Apk By 1

Hide Double Tick: GBWA offers you the “hide double tick feature”. This feature helps you by not showing a message is delivered to you, even if it’s delivered. It means, that people who will send you a message won’t be able to find out if the message has been delivered or not. This feature can save relationships, to be honest.

Turn off Bluetick: It feels so bad when we accidentally read someone’s message on WhatsApp but we are so busy to message them back. But if you have this app, you can turn off the Blue tick. It means even if you read the message, the other person won’t be able to see the blue tick.

Share HD Images & Videos: GBWhatsApp APK allows people to share high-quality images and videos with friends without compressing the original quality like the official app. This is one of the main reasons why people love this app.

Gbwhatsapp Apk By 2
Gbwhatsapp Apk By 2

Auto Reply: This is the second-best feature if you are looking for downloading GBWhatsApp APK because many users find issues being active all the time on the official app. The auto-reply feature is available on WhatsApp Business and also in this app. You can use this feature to reply to people automatically whenever you are offline and away from your mobile.

Anti-Revoke Messages/Statuses: How does it feel like when your client or your friend deletes a message or a status? And you can’t see that. But it ain’t happening if you are using this app APK. With the anti-revoke message feature, you can see the “permanently deleted message” also.

Mark Read Messages from Notifications: In this MOD of WhatsApp, this app APK allows users to mark read messages just from the notifications. So, it saves your time by opening the app itself to read the message.

Gbwhatsapp Apk By 3
Gbwhatsapp Apk By 3

Beautiful Fonts: GBWhatsApp has hundreds of unique and beautiful fonts. You can use it and love to customize your text styles according to your taste. Also, changing fonts in GBWA is so easy and you can find it in the settings options.

Share More Images: With the official app, users can’t share more images at once but GBWhatsApp allows users to share more images at once. You can share 10+ images at once with this brilliant app with anyone in your contact.

Download Statuses: Downloading an extra app just for downloading WhatsApp Statuses feels awkward, but with this app APK, there is no need for that. It has an inbuilt Status downloader feature that allows users to download the status of the device’s contacts without any issue.

Custom Themes: There are more than thousands of custom themes available on the GBWA Theme store. You can get it by opening the store itself. Also, this app APK gives you the opportunity of creating themes yourself and upload them to the store. Also, you can find other users’ created themes and use them as well.

Gbwhatsapp Apk By 4
Gbwhatsapp Apk By 4

Do-not-Disturb, DND: GBWhatsApp has the DND feature that can help you in your private space. It can save you tons of notifications and calls from the app. You can turn on the Do-Not-Disturb mode and save yourself.

Share Live Locations: In the GBWhatsApp Update, you can find the live location feature. People can also share live locations with this app easily. Currently, it is a trending feature for a communication social app. But to use this feature, you will have to give this app permission of Location. Turn it on in the settings>> Location>> Access On.

Hide Chat text/Recording: While you use this app APK, you can turn on “Hide Chat Text and Recording Status”. It will help you to type messages or record messages without any disturbance.

Disable Forwarded Messages: Most people find issues with the forwarded tag, but with GBWhatsApp, you can turn off or disable the forwarded messages tag easily.

Gbwhatsapp Apk By 5
Gbwhatsapp Apk By 5

Backup & Restore: To back up your messages or media files, you can open GBWhatsApp and tap on the chats in the settings. Then, hit the backup chat options. From there, you can choose various backup options including auto backup, weekly backup, or monthly backup, and backup only when I “tap backup”. If you want to use mobile data or Wi-Fi for backup, choose the options to enable it. Now, select your Google Drive account to save your backup file Data. You can also save the backup data on the File Manager of your device.

Speaking of restoring messages of GBWhatsApp. It can be one of the hardest things if you have no idea what you are doing! First of all, know which Google account is linked to your backup data of GBWhatsApp. It helps when you reinstall it on your device. It will ask for restoring the old backup. Then select the Google Account and tap on restore messages. Hence, your GBWhatsApp Backup is now restored.

New Updated Features

  • DND Mode Updated
  • New base & User Interface Available
  • Updated Anti-ban Security System
  • 7 Min+ HD Video Status
  • Updated Dark theme
  • Fixed Bugs & added features
  • Updated Launcher Icons
  • New Hide feature
  • Add new stickers from Google Play
  • You can Hide recording now
  • Hide status
  • New & Updated Tick styles
  • Custom themes supported
  • New GIF providers
  • Backup/restore feature newly available
  • Password protection
  • Dual WhatsApp supported

GBWhatsApp APK Installation Guide

Everyone can download and update the GBWhatsApp APK file from here, but you have to install the APK file manually on your Android device. And if you don’t know how to install the APK file on Android, then you can follow the installation guide shown below. You can follow the same guide if you wish to update it.

First Step: Download the updated APK file from here with the direct CDN download link.

Second Step: Now go to your device setting and enable unknown sources. Setting>> Security>>Unknown Source. (If using the latest Android version, then it will ask for you automatically)

Third Step: Go to file manager and find the downloaded APK file and click on it, wait a few seconds and now APK is ready to play on your Android mobile.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp

The good and the bad, simply mean the advantages and disadvantages of GBWhatsApp. There are many advantages but some disadvantages are also there. Stay with us to know all this.

Gbwhatsapp Apk By 6
Gbwhatsapp Apk By 6


  • Clean Base/UI Look
  • Beautiful Tick Styles
  • Many Privacy Controls
  • Multimedia Sharing Expanded
  • DND and Hide Features
  • Extra Security Options
  • Best Mod of WhatsApp
  • Dual WhatsApp Support
  • Tons of Customization
  • Customized Animated Stickers


  • Risk of Account Ban
  • Third-party May Leak Your Data
  • Sometimes Backup Messages Can’t be Restored

Frequently Questions & Answers

How to Download gbwhatsapp old version?

You can download its old version from our website easily.

What is GBWhatsApp APK 2024?

GBWhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp with many advanced features and privacy controls & multimedia features.

GBWhatsApp APK is safe?

Yes, GBWhatsApp APK is 100% safe to use if you download it from MODPAPA.COM. We offer 101% safe and malware-free MOD APKs.

GBWhatsApp can be used on iPhone?

Yes, GBWhatsApp can be used on iPhones. The latest version of GBWhatsApp for iPhone is available on our website. Read the guide to install GBWhatsApp on iPhone.

Do I need to root to install GBWhatsApp Update?

No, there is no root required to install this APK. It’s completely safe.

How to update GBWhatsApp APK?

GBWhatsApp is getting updates for the last three years till today. You can download GBWhatsApp Update from MODPAPA.COM.

Is dual WhatsApp supported?

Yes, you can use dual WhatsApp on a smartphone with GBWhatsApp.

How to back up and restore messages on GBWhatsApp?

You can easily back up and restore your messages via GBWhatsApp. Check out this article to read the backup & restore messages guide.

How to install GBWhatsApp APK on Android 13?

Yes, you can easily install GBWhatsApp on Android 13. Simply check our installation guide.

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