Last Pirate: Survival Island
Last Pirate: Survival Island

Last Pirate: Island Survival v1.13.6 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money)

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Name Last Pirate: Survival Island
ID com.RetrostyleGames.LastPirate.deadthieves
Category Action
Size 256M
Version 1.13.6
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
MOD Features God Mode, Money, Free Craft
Requires android Android 5.0+ expand_more
android Android 5.0+
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Last Pirate: Survival Island is a survival game where you are on an island alone and all you have to do is survive. You can craft, build, shoot, and even do fishing in this mobile game.

Description of Last Pirate: Survival Island

Last Pirate is an adventure game offered by RetroStyle Games for both Android and iOS platforms. Here, you start with your character who is a pirate but the sad thing is his warship is attacked and destroyed and all his friends are dead but that much can’t stop you from being the best ever survival pirate.


Last Pirate: Survival Island offers a great story of a young pirate who is alone and looking for shelter and a weapon to survive the wild. Yet, no one is there for help. Get up and start rebuilding yourself, craft your shelters, weapons, and even boats to explore the huge world of Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure. The tough thing is not to survive nature but to survive the night from “Zombies Attacks”. In this game, you are not alone but followed by lots of zombies that you need to kill or defeat in order to be alive.

Last Pirate MOD APK

Craft and Explore and Hunt

Last Pirate is about crafting, without crafting, you can’t do anything, you need to craft shelters, houses, and weapons, to keep yourself safe in this world full of adventure of the Last Pirate. Along with crafting, you will explore the world, and hunt the wild and zombies. Also, take care of your health and hunger. Once you are hungry, look for fruits and meat. Hunt animals and fish to keep yourself running.

Tons of Weapons

Players can craft a variety of weapons including Stone Hatchet, Hammer, Stone Spear, Firearms, Bows, and so many unique weapons. As there are lots of wild animals and zombies from which you need to survive, you definitely going to need weapons or lots of weapons. Thinking of bear fights? Save your Ammo!

Fantastic Graphics and Gameplay

It is a new-gen mobile game that is completely free to download on Android and iOS devices. The gameplay of this game is mind-blowing as it offers high-level graphics, 60 frames-per-seconds gameplay, and a huge world. Speaking of the graphics, you can close your eyes and download this game if you are just looking for an adventure game with beautiful graphics.

Become a Nomad

If you are never on an island and would love to enjoy the adventure, it’s great if you play Last Pirate: Survival Island as it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the wilds and live on islands. Enjoy the adventure!

Easy Controls

Last Pirate: Survival Island Mod Apk has easy controls. In the user interface, you can see lots of options with which you can control your character and his activities. There is a punch option that helps your character to attack. There are jump buttons (helps you to jump), sprint buttons (helps to sprint), craft buttons, inventory buttons, and lots more.

Last Pirate MOD APK

Resources and Supplies

In Last Pirate: Survival Island, you can collect resources and supplies crates to get food, lots of weapons, coconut oils, meat, and much more. Remember, these resource chests can only be purchased from real money.

Coins and Blueprints are the in-game currencies. You can purchase them from the store as well. They help your character to boost craft time, get more items, and unlock various chests easily without wasting any time. Also, players can claim daily rewards and double rewards if they watch ads which is amazing.

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